About the Founder

Donna’s story began as the youngest of six children in Lakeland, Florida.

Donna felt the tug of God on her heart at twelve years old, but shares, “No one ever told me what salvation was about. I got my name on the church rolls at 12 years old, but no one ever explained to me what the Bible means in Romans 10:9-10, although my church quoted Romans 10:6-13 every Sunday.” Donna stopped going to church regularly as a 15-year-old. But she never doubted the existence or greatness of the God she felt she didn’t know, but wanted to.
“I went off to college and was a ‘good’ girl, but I wasn’t saved.” Donna spent most of her teen years lonely and isolated. “I was a nerd and refused to compromise my good upbringing. I wouldn’t do what others were doing just to fit in. So I was alone most of the time.” Donna was sad and depressed, trying to find her way in a world that seemed unaccepting and unloving.

Ultimately, Donna gave her heart to Jesus six months after graduating from college. After her eldest sister, Barbara, witnessed to her about God having a purpose and plan for her that included Him, Donna surrendered to the love of Jesus.

From that day, Donna has had a passion for loving and serving the God Who ultimately reached her in the den of loneliness she experienced as a young person. However, she also felt like an outsider and alien in the church! “I am not a conventional Christian,” Donna states. “I have never thought like other people and never wanted to be like other people. I just wanted to be loved and accepted as the unique person God created me to be. We all need that.” Therefore Donna’s passion in ministry has been to express the creativity God endowed her with, and to see creativity and uniqueness released in all of His people.

From the early days on local radio where Donna mixed Bible teaching with like-themed contemporary urban gospel music, to producing and performing original music, to creating ministry videos with strange titles, to writing 100-plus Bible-teaching articles, to authoring books and humorous tidbits online, to writing blogs before they became a trend, to creating animated avatars on a web page, to teaching via podcasts with sound effects and music, to publishing articles in a local urban newspaper, to establishing one of the first Christian hip hop radio stations online, to photographing artist performances for Gospel Hip Hop concerts, to ministering at local churches, to venturing onto social networks online, Donna embodied ministry in an inimitable fashion. It speaks of God’s fingerprint upon her life.

Spurred by the untimely passing of her closest sibling - her brother, Michael, due to cancer - Donna has a renewed inspiration to become all that her Lord intended. “And I believe the best is yet to come,” she states. With a message to the lonely outsider or emotionally-damaged, to the intellectual, to the suppressed leader in every one of us, Donna begins her new adventure renewed with determination and an anointing to be heard.