Welcome to the "NEW" AltaredLives.org!

Ministry for This Millennium and Beyond.

Altared Lives Ministries officially came into existence as a non-profit faith-based organization in 2003. Since then, its focus was to be a blessing to the urban seeker, primarily the holy hip hop community.

Some are familiar with ALM’s Christian hip hop radio station, Altared Lives Radio, which webcasted for 12 years -- from 2002 to 2014. However, the ministry existed long before Altared Lives Radio was launched online.

Altared Lives’ purpose is to promote Christian faith and to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in a way that pleases Him and attracts those in urban culture.

Perhaps Altared Lives Radio will be back. But until then, Altared Lives Ministries will continue with the call and purpose for which it was established: glorifying God and reaching out to those who need to know Him in their day-to-day realities of life.

So enjoy the new site - listen to some soundbytes, view some videos, read some articles, express yourself, send an email. Get to know us and the God Who made us all.