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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."   Matthew 28:19-20 

Spirit and Life 
Written by Donna on 28 April 2016

Several years ago, Hollywood released a film titled “The Book of Eli” starring Denzel Washington. The film is not considered family fare. However, despite its graphic violence and profane language...

The Peril of Misplaced Trust 
Written by Donna on 11 January 2015
“Most men will proclaim each his own goodness, but who can find a faithful man?” (Proverbs 20:6 NKJV)

Occasionally this Scripture bubbles its way back into my consciousness for a reality check. Sometimes it has to do with my teachings about romantic relationships, contrasting this Scripture with the question in Proverbs chapter 31, “Who can find a virtuous woman?” (Prov. 31:10a KJV) But sometimes it’s in reference to relationships in general. Today, it came to my remembrance based on general relationships.
God, Gideon, and Guerrillas
Written by Donna on 17 February 2014
I wish this was audio instead of text. I would love to imagine the piqued interest as to what God and Gideon have to do with gorillas, since guerrillas and gorillas (depending upon how you pronounce gorillas) are homonyms. So God, Gideon, and gorillas would stir up a certain level of interest just because of the juxtaposition of the words.
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Have Yourself a Joyful Little Christmas
Written by Donna on 15 December 2013
The magic of Christmas is gone. The wonder of Christmas is no more. The spirit of Christmas is nowhere to be found. Do you feel this way? Have you said it to yourself, if not to others? Is it a lament of yours?
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Of Sandboxes And Sandals
Written by Donna on 15 September 2013
Never having been one that had talents that wowed the masses, a fan following has never been characteristic of my journey.
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It's All About Me!
Written by Donna on 25 May 2013
Ever so often, I am reminded that ministry encompasses correction as well as encouragement. This year, Altared Lives Ministries, Inc. celebrates its 10th year of incorporation as a non-profit faith-based organization. That’s exciting! But after 10 years (and more time in ministry, in general), I still discover that babes in Christ are being born everyday and they need to learn God’s purposes for their lives.
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Sheep Without a Shepherd Can Turn Into Wolves
Written by Donna on 30 December 2012
“You have to understand Larry,” he shared. “Larry was a football hero. He was used to having all the girls hanging on him. Hanging all over him. Now, they don’t want him.”
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T'was the Night Before Nothing...
Written by Donna on 29 December 2012
A little over 2 weeks ago, many of our celebratory spirits were shattered by the news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.
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A Life of Significance
Written by Donna on 02 December 2012
I have oftentimes thought of the prophet Jeremiah -- how, in the face of rejection and threats to his life, he remained faithful to speak the words given to him by God Almighty. As the son of a priest, Jeremiah was in line to be a priest. But before he could officially be instilled as a priest, his call pulled him in a direction that became quite painful and turbulent for him.
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Prodigy-Pimping Parenting
Written by Donna on 03 September 2012
Around August 20, 2012, a story broke in the national news about a mother who had entered her 6-year-old daughter into a pageant. The character her daughter was portraying in the pageant was Dolly Parton. The misguided mother had gone the extra mile of adding fake breasts and buttocks to her daughter to “complete” the look of the buxom Ms. Parton.
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Deliver Us From Evil
Written by Donna on 20 July 2012
As I sit here contemplating yet another senseless massacre in Colorado, a myriad of disjointed thoughts race across my mind. Of course, a flashback to the Columbine massacre in the late 1990’s is inevitable. Shockingly, it does not seem like it was that long ago – a full 13 years ago. If it seems fresh in my memory, I can only imagine the freshness of the pain in the lives of those who actually suffered loss during the mass killings by those two students.
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Southern Sanctifried Chick (Rom. 12:1-2 Style)
Written by Donna on 15 July 2012
The other night, I viewed a documentary about a popular funk band in the 1980’s. It was one of my favorite groups back then. I had enjoyed their music tremendously. But in the documentary, I learned that the same time frame that I gave my life to Christ, the group suffered a rift that eventually tore the band apart. Ironically, I gave my heart to Jesus in the summer of 1986, and the group suffered a crushing blow to the founding members’ lives in the summer of 1986.
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Book 'Em, Dono
Written by Donna on 02 July 2012.
"I have hidden Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You." Psalm 119:11 (NIV)
"If we live by the Spirit, let us also be guided by the Spirit." Galatians 5:25 (NRSV)
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